Modulo Player

Media Servers keep pushing back the limits of creativity. As they can now be used in a vast array of applications, we strongly believe that to fit all types of projects, more than one system is needed.

This is why we offer 2 solutions: Modulo Player, to cover day-to-day needs in an easy, reliable and efficient way, and Modulo Kinetic which is equipped with all the advanced features required for the most demanding productions.
Technical feature

Modulo Player is the perfect Media Server for your everyday projects.

It is easy to learn, set up, and use, thanks to its intuitive user interface. Offering cutting-edge features to handle a wide range of projects, it is an extremely versatile system.


Only one central remote control is needed for the setup of one or several servers, media encoding, transferring media, and show playback. The remote control software runs on any type of computer, Mac or PC.

The multi-user application allows several users to run some features simultaneously, such as warping outputs or encoding media.

All the settings are accessible on the remote control software, there’s no need to work directly on the server.

The setup menu is straightforward and logical: the system is ready to use after just a few clicks.

The playback servers can run autonomously without the remote control. This helps optimize the cost and maintenance of certain projects, such as permanent installations.

Modulo Player was designed to process media seamlessly and provide the best possible quality, while running on a streamlined hardware configuration. All supported media were selected because they always run smoothly, and can be synchronized on all the servers.

Modulo Player handles H.264 sequences and MPEG2 files up to 4K. It also plays HAP files allowing the processing of very high-resolution media with low CPU usage.

Modulo Player is one of the few Media Servers certified by Apple to play ProRes format for exceptional quality, improving the workflow with production tools used by creative studios.

Play uncompressed TGA and 10-bit DPX sequences for ultimate visual quality (optional).

Modulo Player also processes multichannel audio with professional sound cards and ASIO format. Each channel is independent and can be routed to one or several outputs.

3D 120Hz processing is also available for projects requiring stereoscopic projection (optional).

Low latency input boards are available for the PRO and ULTRA versions to add up to 8 (SD/HD/3G) SDI and/or up to 4 (1.4 or 2.0) HDMI inputs to your system (optional).

Modulo Player supports NewTek’s NDI technology which allows you to stream multiple high quality live video sources across an Ethernet network and use them as inputs.

Visualize all your live sources on your custom designed monitoring output and/or stream them over NDI.

Warp your outputs with the “keystone or curve” feature which comes with a complete set of tools, making the process faster and easier.

Our unique XMAP feature makes content mapping on complex shapes cost effective and accessible. It avoids the use of expensive 3D workflow by simply importing a Photoshop file, extracting each of its layers and warping them independently.

Easily playback video content as DMX to control LED stripe and lighting fixtures. Modulo Player offers a video to Art-Net converter which uses the GPU to deliver pixel accurate DMX over Ethernet in real time.

Create an infinite number of playlists.

The playlist feature is easy to use and flexible as changes can quickly be made at any time.

Cues are placed in playlists and can be played manually or automatically.

Playlists can be synchronized on MTC or LTC timecode when needed (optional).

Modulo Player’s intuitive user interface lets you quickly and easily create cues with multiple layer settings such as transition and visual effects – including position, scale, rotation, color control, movie speed.

Modulo Player offers a simple, yet powerful show control feature.

Create, control and play automated tasks for a wide number of preloaded devices such as projectors, matrix switchers, video processors etc.

Trigger tasks from specific devices such as calendar, midi, OSC, GPIO.

You can create several different user panels by drag-and-dropping tasks, adding buttons, texts, images, web pages etc. Each custom user interface can be protected with a user login and password.

Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic are available with different hardware configurations. We designed those configurations to specifically meet the following requirements:

  • Support the versatility of our solutions by adapting our offer to specific market needs and budget. 
  • list-iconOptimize the performance and reliability without oversizing our hardware. 
  • list-iconDeliver an identical level of performance and reliability on the long term. 
  • list-iconGuarantee an optimal and consistent level of performance for each listed hardware configuration.

We are technology partners of graphic cards and live input boards key manufacturers and are in regular contact with the driver’s developers.

All our systems are running on Windows 7 64 bits embedded, providing high performance and reliability on our systems.

All information about the hardware such as temperature, storage capacity or memory usage are available any time within the software.